Postdigital food for thought

See Russell Davies, of Wired fame discussing the way in which postdigital (or post-digital) is being used: “Post-Digital was not intended as a sop for the complacent. It’s not supposed to suggest that ‘digital’ is a solved problem or yesterday’s fad. It’s not a suggestion that digital is just another channel. It’s not supposed to be a synonym for integrated, 360, channel-neutral or any of that stuff. Doing some telly AND a website does not make you Post Digital”. Read more here and his original use of the term back in 2009 here.

Front cover of The Postdigital Membrane by Pepperell and Punt (2000)

Front cover of The Postdigital Membrane by Pepperell and Punt (2000)

See also Robert Pepperell and Michael Punt’s polemical book, The Postdigital Membrane (2000, Intellect Books) in which they ask: “To what extent is our time characterised by the ‘digital’? Does it announce a bright new age of technological progress, or is it not much more than a marketing tag for manufacturers? What is clear is that much of the cultural theory we have so far accumulated is showing signs of strain as it struggles to cope with the rapid global dynamics of the ‘wired world'”. Hailed as “a kind of latter-day postmodern rendering of Barthes’s Mythologies” by Steven D Scott in a Culture Machine review, the book uses the metaphor of the “biological membrane, a lubricating sheath that gives form to complex phenomena (such as imagination, technology and desire) at the same time as enabling a continuity between them”.

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