Thank you

Many thanks for all of you who attended Postdigital Encounters yesterday – it was great to have you there and hope that you are still tingling with postdigi technostalgia – may the debate continue here and @postdigi / #postdigi.

I will be posting presentations up over the coming weeks – presenters if you haven’t already given Nick or me a copy of your presentation please can you get in touch.  I will link to them from the title of the presentation in the Programme section, within each panel.  Photos and video will go up when I have time.

If you would like to review the event you can either email me or post it as a comment here – it might be nice to post responses to individual panels / papers / practice underneath the actual abstract in the Programme section. General comments could go under the About page.

Thanks again for making the event a warm but critical exploration of where we are in the state of the postdigital.  Keep us posted about your work and, if you are local pop in the Digital Cultures Research Centre or the Pervasive Media Studio Friday lunchtime talk.

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