Most of the presentations are now online. Click on the panel to view full abstracts and click the paper title to download individual presentations. A two-page pdf overview of the programme is available to download here.

9-9.30, Registration, tea and Coffee in Waterside 3
9.30-10am, Welcome and introduction in Waterside 3
Charlotte Crofts (University of the West of England), editor of Screenwork Gareth Palmer (Salford), Editor of the Journal of Media Practice
10-11.30, Parallel Session 1:
Waterside 3 – Creativity and Pedagogy Panel
Chair: Gareth Palmer (Salford)Chris Wilson (Derby), ‘Technology, artistry, creativity and education’Peter Woodbridge (Coventry), ‘Open Pedagogies in Creative Media: Moving from Knowledge Consumption to Exchange’Dr. Shaleph O’Neill (Dundee), ‘Making Sense of Creative Interactions’
Cinema 3 – Locative Media, Context Aware Platforms and New Forms of ‘Experience Design’ Panel
Chair: Joanna Callaghan (Bedfordshire)Mary Agnes Krell (Sussex), ‘Nothing That is Not There’Charlotte Crofts (University of the West of England), ‘Technologies of Being: Pervasive Heritage’Jackie Calderwood (De Montfort),‘Treasuring Media: Geo Art Cache and User Participation’
11.30-12pm, Tea and coffee in Waterside 3, with screenings in Cinema 3
12-1pm, Parallel session 2:
Waterside 3 – QR Code Workshop
Angelina Karpovich (Brunel University, ‘Who Might We Be?: Reimagining Digital Storytelling’
Cinema 3 – Screen Space Panel
Chair: John Adams (University of Bristol)Terry Flaxton (Creative Research Fellow, University of Bristol), ‘High Definition Imaging: the Paradox of Creativity within the Academy’Jeremy Bubb (Roehampton University London), ‘Looking Back to the Future’
1-2pm, Lunch in Waterside 3, with screenings in Cinema 3
2-3.30 Parallel session 3:
Waterside 3 – Collaboration, Participatory Practices and New Forms of Authorship Panel
Chair: Mandy Rose (UWE)Luis Andre Ferreira Alves (University of Aveiro, Portugal), ‘Aqui!/Here: Social Collaborative Tools for Authorship of Feature Film Projects’Susanne Stich (University of Ulster), ‘Agents and Insiders: Children’s Agency and Child-Adult Connectedness Explored Through Digital Video’
Cinema 3 – Space, Place and Narrative in the Postdigital Encounter Panel
Chair: Judith Aston (UWE)Coral Houtman (Newport), ‘Remediation or Makeover – How to Find a New Media Form?’

Leonie Sharrock (Newport), ‘Narrative and Space. An Animator’s Perspective on the Gallery’

3.30-4pm Tea and coffee in Waterside 4, with screenings in Cinema 3
4-5pm, Closing Panel
Waterside 3 – Are We “Post” Digital Yet? Chair: Charlotte Crofts (UWE)

Joanna Callaghan and Gavin Stewart (Bedfordshire), ‘The “Postdigital” Condition: A Socratic Debate’

Debate and close, followed by drinks in the Watershed bar.
8pm Optional meal (at own expense) at Bordeaux Quay.

4 Responses to Programme

  1. Roger Drury says:

    Stumbled across this seminar not too familiar with the vocabulary but very interested have been engaged with media and community creative work for many years in East London, Oxford and most recently Forest of Dean. The opportunities that digital media can offer is still yet to properly include grass roots empowerment and this is where I am keen to to explore the ideas and possibilities.

    I would welcome any thoughts you may have about whether the seminar will connect with policy, understanding and change.

  2. eyeFULL says:

    Hi Roger,
    Yes, the democratising potential of new media is always an interesting one and yet digital exclusion is clearly still rife – I’m sure these issues will be discussed at the event, particularly in the panels on creativity and pedagogy and collaboration. Hope you can make it. All the best, CC

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