QR Code Workshop

12-1pm, Parallel Session 2 – Waterside 3

Title: ‘Who Might We Be?: Reimagining Digital Storytelling’
Angelina Karpovich (Brunel University) – angelina.karpovich(at)brunel.ac.uk

This workshop will be based on user-generated content gathered in the course of the RC UK-funded Digital Economy project ‘TOTeM: Tales of Things and Electronic Memory’. Some of this content can be viewed at http://www.talesofthings.com. TOTeM combines a range of digital technologies to create a platform which allows its users to record and share their own stories about the significant objects in their lives, and to attach these stories to the objects via QR codes which function as a tangible physical link to a digital memory.

Remember Me a TOTeM collaboration with Oxfam

The TOTeM concept thus allows potential creative uses in collaborative interactive storytelling, transmedia and augmented reality storytelling, and locative storytelling. This workshop will introduce the Tales of Things platform and invite the participants to engage creatively with the techniques of digital storytelling and the processes of meaning-making involved in assigning significance to an object. Participants will be encouraged to consider objects’ capacity to contain and prompt memory, and reflect on their own assumptions about the inherent qualities of everyday objects.

The purposes of the workshop are to combine creative and analytical approaches to audiovisual research materials, and to experiment with a new mode of academic authorship: it is my intention to produce a collaborative piece from the materials of this workshop, listing all participants as co-authors.

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